Most Common Reasons to Do an Oligoscan

What you will understand when you do the Oligoscan

What is an Oligoscan?

An Oligo Scan is a modern, non-invasive, and painless technology that helps assess the mineral and heavy metal levels in your body. It’s a quick and precise way to gain insights into your overall health and well-being. 

How Does it Work?

The Oligo Scan uses spectrophotometry, which is a fancy way of saying it shines a light through your skin to measure the levels of minerals and heavy metals present in your tissues. It’s a bit like a flashlight that can tell us what’s inside your body. 

Why is it Important?

Understanding your mineral and heavy metal levels is crucial because they play a vital role in your body’s functioning. Imbalances in these levels can lead to various health issues. The Oligo Scan can help identify these imbalances early on, allowing for targeted interventions and lifestyle adjustments. 

How Can it Benefit You?

What to Expect During the Oligo Scan?