I have loved my experience at Williams Wellness Center. Dr. Williams is so knowledgeable! I truly have never met anyone like him. He takes the time to put together a plan that suits each individual's needs. I have never felt better than I do today after the specific protocol he put together for me. Friends and family have noticed the incredible change in my health and appearance because of what he helped me to do. I am so thankful for his expertise in helping me get to where I am today. I can’t stress enough..I’ve never felt better! Thank you Dr. Williams!
— Lindsey Markey
Dr. Williams is so knowledgeable! I feel very confident in his care for me! He takes time with you and explains everything. He is so much better than my M.D. at figuring out what to do for me. I definitely feel that my health is improving. The front desk gal, Jenny, is great! Personable and efficient!
— Nancy Reeves
Wellness isn't just about procedure. Here, Dr. Williams, and the staff envelops you with light and healing energy the second you walk through the door. It's a special place, filled with the latest technologies to help you heal and feel better, both physically and mentally. And a short walk around the corner and down the street, nature's ultimate healer -- the ocean -- awaits with open arms.
— Locke Pleninger
Outstanding facility with fantastic, state of the art equipment... i.e., "Flowpresso '' for lymphatic drainage, Laser for inflammation and Hyperbaric Chamber for brain oxygenation! Added to the equation is a very knowledgeable and supportive team, led by a caring, Dr. Hank Williams. His wellness wisdom has helped to integrate my emotional, physiological and cerebral wellbeing, on a weekly basis. Much Love and Gratitude to the Divine Jenny and Zoe duo, who always evoke attentive and compassionate energy.
— Maryam A.
Dr. Williams is amazing at what he does! So knowledgeable on all things Wellness and overall health. He really cares about their patients and spends that quality time with you that is hard to find in Medicine right now!!
— Shannon T.
Hank always does great work. Chiropractic is a life saver, plus he’s got a ton of other methods and tools for things — energy, physical, homeopathic, you name it, he does amazing work, great staff, and awesome location (put your toes in the sand before/after session, it’s less than a block from a super nice little beach area :)) thank you!
— Rob Lent
Dr. Williams and his staff are wonderful. Everyone is very caring and attentive. They are truly committed to everyone’s health and healing. They are the best!
— Adam Mathiasen
Mind Blowing health guru!
I have had knee pain for years and Dr Hank discovers the problem in 5 min !!! He’s todays Dr House!!
— Lauren Gregory
Dr. Hank Williams is very kind and professional. He takes time with you and really listens and he is very thorough. His staff is wonderful and very caring. Dr. Williams had an unexpected emergency and was late arriving for my appointment....not his fault. Even though he had experienced a very stressful day, he still kept the appointment with me and spent the necessary time. I never felt rushed.
— Nancy R
If you need root cause resolution of whatever you’re suffering from, Dr. Hank and his team have got you! I came in with a misdiagnosed hand injury and after a year of going through all kinds of various therapies that didn’t resolve it, I found Dr. Hank. He took new X Rays and in one session, he was able to adjust my wrist and arm so that I slept through the night without pain for the first time in a year. The team at Williams Wellness Center is incredible and thorough and puts together a treatment plan that is changing my life for the better every week. I am so happy I found this incredible team!
— Sheryl G
Dr. Williams and his staff are amazing and have all of the latest equipment to set you straight!
— Frank Marino
My friend recommended I come here and I am very glad I did. I came for some after birth help with different issues and I already feel so much relief after one visit and I am so grateful. They are very comprehensive in their intake and have a lot of ways of helping the issues people come in with.
— Kimberly K
I wish I lived in Laguna. This place is the REAL DEAL! If you are looking for healing from the inside out and awesome chiropractic adjustments from the outside in, look no further. Dr Williams and his team are top notch!
— Marni Task
Dr Hank Williams and his staff are the best. This is a very knowledgeable office. Just in one treatment they fixed things that I have been struggling with for years. I am excited for my journey to better health. Modern medicine and MD’s are not the only choice you have.
— Ken Koprowski
I had torqued my back, my shoulder & neck were also giving me trouble, Dr Williams skillfully, more like precisely identified what was out & adjusted my neck, back & shoulder. DR. Williams is skilled in multiple modalities; he also has been helping me with digestive issues I’ve had for the past 6 months with adjustments & supplements, I've been improving & feeling better since my first visit. Thanks Dr. Williams!
— Roger Berney
Dr. Hank Williams is the only doctor I trust to be my primary doctor. He has tests and labs that most medical doctors do not look at. With his functional medicine approach, I was able to see that I am anemic and have pituitary and thyroid issues that no western medicine doctor has ever found. He set me up on supplements and will be testing me for heavy metals on our next visit. I recommend that everyone have at least one functional medicine doctor. It helps to have a different perspective. He is not a money hungry, surgery and pill pusher. Do yourself a favor, set up a consultation with him!!!
— Bonnie Moon
Best Chiro treatment ever. Thanks to adjustments, tractions and laser, my spine is feeling much better in less than two months. In addition to chiropractic care, Dr. Williams is well trained in functional medicine and the office is equipped with all sorts of devices such as PEMF, Lasers, Nano Vi, Flow Presso, RLT, HBOT and everything else that a biohacker like me can geek out about. Dr. Williams and his staff are caring and super friendly.
— Shayan Habibi
Love Dr Hank and staff 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
They have helped both me and my husband feel our very best. Worth every penny
— Claudine Cantin
I can’t recommend Dr. Williams enough!!! After seeing doctors for years and not receiving any answers, I found what I was looking for within the first and second sessions. Now 6 months in, I feel like my life has changed. I’m forever grateful 10000% recommend
— Alyssa
Dr.Hank and the team are absolutely INCREDIBLE, they truly care and I feel like home when I’m there, Thank you so much for everything!
— Maryam Poursartip MD
Dr. Williams keeps my body at peak health. My entire being buzzes with magic driving home. Tennis players and ANYONE who wants to live with all cylinders firing.... go to Magic DR. WILLIAMS
— Jennifer Rabbitt