What is AVACEN®?

The AVACEN® device is a medical device that uses a patented technology to deliver heat to the palm of the hand, with the aim of increasing circulation and reducing pain and inflammation throughout the body. 

Therapy & General Wellness

AVACEN® is a drug-free, noninvasive, over-the-counter heat therapy system indicated for: 

The heat generated by the AVACEN® device is intended to increase blood flow and promote vasodilation, which can help to reduce inflammation and improve tissue oxygenation. This can potentially help to alleviate symptoms associated with a range of conditions, including arthritis, fibromyalgia, and migraine headaches. 

What It Does

The device works by using a vacuum-like technology to create a closed system that lowers the air pressure around the hand. This allows the palm of the hand to heat up using infrared energy, which is emitted by a set of LED lights inside the device. The heat is transferred to the circulatory system via the blood vessels in the hand, which then carries the heat throughout the body. 

What Should I Expect During My Treatment?

Recovery for the Elite

Most Common Benefits Associated with Avacen

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